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Known Universal Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is common in both men and women, whether we like to admit it or not.  Many of the causes of hair loss are not just associated with one gender or another; they are universal causes of hair loss.

These universal causes include but are not limited to hair follicle damage. Hair follicle damage can occur due to many environmental and societal hair care choices. While some follicle damage cannot be avoided or reversed, in some cases it is just about changing a hairstyle!

What Causes Hair Follicle Damage?

Damage to the hair follicle is one of the most common causes of hair loss in men and women. Hair follicle damage can occur as a result of the overuse of chemicals, heat damage, and follicular breakage. These causes of hair loss are ones that are societal and can be changed to prevent further damage to the follicles.

Today both men and women use hair chemicals on hair for daily styling. These chemicals become one of the causes of hair loss when used to an extent that hair follicle damage occurs. Hair follicles can be rendered unable to produce new hair or unable to produce hair at all, if the chemicals burn, damage or kill the hair follicle.  Easing up on the use of these products may help to reduce hair loss and follicle damage!

Yet another one of the known causes of hair loss is heat. Using a hair dryer on the high heat setting can easily damage the hair follicle to the point where it no longer grows hair at a normal rate. Over time, the damaged follicle may die, leading the beginning or ongoing hair loss.  Allowing hair to air dry more often could reduce the damage caused by heat.

Hair brushing can cause follicular breakage leading to hair loss. This breakage occurs when hair is pulled and ripped during the hair brushing act. With more damage occurring during the hair brushing, the less chance new hair that may grow from the follicle. Hair follicle damage from brushing can occur with both dry and wet hair brushing. Hair knots and tangles are the normal cause of follicle breakage.

How Can I Prevent These Types of Hair Loss?

As you can see, universal causes of hair loss are those that can affect both men and women. By keeping hair chemical usage to a minimum, drying hair on the lowest heat setting with your hair dryer and taking care when brushing both wet and dry hair, men and women can prevent these causes of hair loss. Changing habits or making small concessions in the styling of hair can often help to reduce hair loss and follicle damage.

What can I do to regrow my hair?

There are some solutions to treat hair loss issues. Take for example a stem cell hair  regrowth serum that uses the latest technology to make your hair grow again. The other option is hair transplant which is the only lasting surgical solution to thinning hair. To get a better understanding of your options read the dedicated hair transplant guide and make that educated decision to get your hair back! For more technical comparision please visit Hair Choice the leading hair treatment guide.

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